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Using bioidentical hormone therapy to find relief from menopause

Tips For Women To Not Surprised Facing Menopause

woman menopauseMenopause, or stopping of the menstrual cycle is inevitable for all women. Two hours in various ways affected by hormonal changes can be reduced.
And the symptoms of menopause, when it comes to dealing with frightened many women are still not ready. Menopuase tteugeowojyeotda and bone loss that often accompanies such a variety of complaints.
Menopausal women, but actually reproduction of the work will provide an opportunity to break from. Jongroseo also experienced some whales, menopause, caring for their grandchildren the right time.
HealthDay, Sunday (November 14, 2010), do not be surprised a few taken from menopause to prepare:
1. Exercise to prevent weight gain than.
Hormonal changes during menopause, often leading to weight gain before it enters more easily this time is generally expected.
2. Kegel to strengthen different muscles and tighten the pelvic floor exercises and weight training and do not exercise.
This step for a broken bone in deneopgoe bergunga expectations, strong muscles can reduce the load on the skeleton because.
3. Extended fill words, the brain, such as chess and Sudoku games to improve memory.
These games usually appear after you enter menopause, the symptoms of dementia may be delayed.
4. The decrease of estrogen production at menopause, sleep disorders because it can create, maintain normal sleep patterns.
5. In order to overcome vaginal dryness suppository form of estrogen used.
In addition, regular sex can improve the lubricant or lubricated.
6. Various tests, especially blood glucose, cholesterol, vitamin D and calcium do.
Do not check for breast and pelvic around.
7. May happen occasionally floss (dental floss) to wipe, do not ignore your dental health.
Menopause gum infection increases the risk of heart problems and blood vessels can be.
8. Approaching menopause, your calcium 1000-1200 mg / day should be a supplement.
Enter once menopause, and adding magnesium absorption, or absorption of vitamin D strengthen the untnuk supplements.
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