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Male Infertility No Sperm

Infertility affects not only female, but also male. Male infertility no sperm is the condition where the couple is not being able to getpregnancy after one year in trial. In male, infertility occurs because of a male has problems with his sperm and also the reproductive organs.
The major cause of the infertility in male is varicocele. Varicocele is the condition where the veins in the scrotums are enlarged. The enlargement of the veins influences the temperature in testis. The temperature increases and affects the quality of the sperm.
The second cause of the infertility is azoospermia. Azoospermia is the condition in which there is a blockage on the male reproductive tract. In the other words, azoospermia is pointed to the male infertility no sperm or zero sperm count. There are two problems belong to the man with no zero which are the first is the sperm cannot or not be able to get out into the ejaculate because there is blockage on the male reproductive tract called obstructive azoospermia and the second is the problem with the man who does not make sperm called non-obstructive azoospermia. This cause of infertility affects about one percent of all men as stated or estimated by The American Society of           

male infertility no spermThe infection on urinary tract, gonorrhea and Chlamydia are the causes of the blockage. Gonorhhea and Chlamydia are the transmitted sexual diseases. Epididymis is the place for sperms to swim before they reach an egg and make the fertilization there and if Epididymis gets infected, it can cause wound or scar and blockage and finally, prevents the sperm from leaving or coming out to make fertilization on an egg.
Someone is diagnosed having azoospermia when there is no sperm can be seen or detected through the high-powered microscope on twoseparate times. The diagnostic that focuses on the cause of azoospermia can help your doctor in defining what treatments that are suit to you. You will do the complete medical history, physical examination and the tests of selected hormones as your first assessments or evaluation.
The physical examination here includes the tests of testis size, varicoceles and secondary sex characteristics. Also, you will have other tests like a transrectal ultrasound, urinalysis, or testicular biopsy.
For male, azoospermia can be a threat for the male infertility no sperm of a man. If you have already suffered from this, you can consume the herbal remedies to cure your infertility of azoospermia. Nowadays, you can buy some products of herbal remedies in the market. Shilajit ES capsule is one of examples of the herbal remedies that are sold in the market. This capsule is the recommended and the best capsule to cure the azoospermia and also safe to be consumed.male infertility no sperm
To cure the azoozspermia, you have to take the capsules twice a day frequently for two up to threemonths if you want to get the best result. You can drink the capsule with milk or plain water. This herbal remedy is good for a male to increase the sperm count and also influences the quality of 
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