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Surviving A Sexless Marriage

fixlessmarriage1Are you having some issues with your marriage life right now and you're not sleeping anymore with your spouse? Would you like to know more information about surviving a sexless marriage so that you won't feel depressed and too dependent anymore? I know how you feel right now and I can really understand. It's not easy to manage a marriage without having sex with your partner. But, I'd like to share with you some tips that you need to know in order to help yourself out from getting frustrated in a life without sex.

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1. Enjoy Other Activities

Surviving a sexless marriage is not easy. You will go through a lot of frustrations and depressions in your life during this time. But, what can you do to ease all the feelings that you have right now is to try to make yourself focus on and enjoy other fun activities. You can try to go out with your friends and your family instead of staying at home whining how miserable your marriage life is. This will really help you stop thinking about sex all the time.

2. Attend a Counseling

If you want to learn the importan things about abstinence, then the best place you should go to is counseling. A lot of people just like you are there and like you, they also want to survive their life without sex. You will learn about stuffs that will help you move on and make yourself focus on other things instead of thinking about sex all the time.

3. Love Yourself More

When was the last time you went shopping or you went out and enjoy yourself so much? If it was ages ago, then this is the best time to enjoy and have fun once again. Surviving a sexless marriage would be much easier if you will love yourself more this time around. Try to pamper yourself because you don't deserve to be depressed all the time. You deseve to be happy and treated well. So, go out and have some fun!

Living a life without sex is really difficult and not an easy thing to do. But, if you were able to survive those days that you were not sexually active, then this time around you will be able to survive it too. You will be able to get through everything so don't worry too much. You still have a lot of things to do and you still have your family that loves you. You can do it and Good Luck to you!
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