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dieting tips for treating headaches

Dieting Can Be A Headache.

Headaches are a somewhat common occurrence while dieting.  There are many causes for headaches on a diet because there are many different kinds of headaches.  They range from the simple tension headache  to the throbbing vascular headache or migraine  Some of the more common diet headaches could be the result of a decreased plasma volume–better known as dehydration–that is often a part of Read More »
What to do about Dry Skin while on a diet?

What To Do About Dry Skin?

Although drying skin is a part of the natural aging process, some may find that weight loss dieting can also cause dry skin.  Some possible causes of dry skin while losing weight are a dehydration, a decrease in vitamins, or the most common cause: a drop in the metabolic rate. Tips to help battle dry Read More »
how to combat bad breath from dieting

How To Combat Bad Breath While Dieting

Nobody wants bad breath.  Bad breath can be embarrassing and problematic–especially if you have a social occupation!  So what do you do about the bad breath that often accompanies dieting? First of all, it helps to understand what causes your bad breath.  When dieting, bad breath is normally caused by the metabolic state of ketosis, Read More »
Battling insomnia caused by dieting

Battling Insomnia While On A Diet

While on a diet, some people find that they lose more than pounds: they lose sleep.  The inability to fall asleep, or even stay asleep, can be frustrating and can lead to fatigue and irritability.  Insomnia associated with dieting can be caused by diet pills, ketosis (the metabolic process your body goes through to burnRead More »
hcg dieting scams

Don’t Be Fooled By Fake HCG!

There’s been a lot of confusion about HCG lately. With HCG growing in popularity, a lot of products have hit the market that claim to contain HCG. According to MD Diet’s Kelli Behle, “The famous HCG diet is available by prescription only. There are many products that use HCG in their name, like Homeopathic HCG. But these products are nothing Read More »

Best Chili Recipe

Tasty meals don’t have to be expensive or fancy. This HCG approved Chili recipe leaves my old recipe in the dust! Make this your new family chili recipe and be a huge hit at the next cook-off. This hearty meal will satisfy the meat lover in your family. This recipe makes a large batch of Read More »
HCG Hot 'n' Sour Chinese Soup

HCG Hot N’ Sour Chinese Soup

Delicious soup that will stimulate your senses and help clear out a cold or sore throat! This is a very close imitation of a chinese favorite Hot n’ Sour soup. Quick and easy lunch or dinner. The spicy flavor will suppress your appetite and fill you up quick! Add red pepper flakes or additional cayenne Read More »
Sweet & Spicy Garlanto Dressing on Romaine

Sweet & Spicy Garlantro Dressing On...

Looking for a healthy replacement for your favorite ranch or honey mustard dressing? Garlantro is a surprisingly perfect blend of ingredients to spice up your salad. Topped with candied walnuts, apple slices, and craisins this delicious salad is both sweet and spicy. To make this a full entree, throw in some chicken for extra protein. Read More »
Guessing 100 Grams

100 Grams?

So, say you’re starting out on the HCG diet and you’re trying to figure out how to cook for your self but, for whatever reason, you don’t have a scale.  Maybe you’ve ordered one and it hasn’t come yet, maybe you’re cooking in a friends kitchen and the
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