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Early symptoms of breast cysts

Symptoms of cysts of the breast
What are the early signs of breast cyst, breast cyst treatment? This problem is that many women are concerned about breast cyst, following breast health experts will introduce you to some diseases of the breast cysts knowledge:
Breast cyst initially symptoms General is breast swollen property, single side more see, at milk Halo area outside of breast surrounding parts, is round or oval, boundary clearly, surface smooth, slightly activities, touch of SAC sexual has mild tenderness, diameter often in 2~3cm, General no axillary area lymph node enlargement, young women in lactation or zhihou found breast boundary more Qing of swollen property, and complained in lactation in the had-patient had mastitis, check in milk Halo area outside of more edge parts touch to boundary clearly, and activities, and surface smooth of swollen property, should thought product milk cyst of May. By b-ultrasonography-confirmed. Attention and disease, breast adenofibroma of breast cysts, breast cancer phase identification.
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