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Breast cysts caused by reasons

Causes of cysts of the breast
Usually, also did not feel anything too big response-how breast cysts? These places are questioned in patients with breast cysts, for which, experts say breast cysts are common diseases in women, the initial symptoms are generally of breast masses, one-sided view, outside the areola area surrounding parts of the breast, round or oval, boundary clear, smooth surface, a little activity, contact cystic have mild tenderness. Breast cysts are mainly two kinds of common, simple cyst and accumulated breast cysts. Breast cysts and product expertise for simple cyst below separately the way cause of cysts of the breast:
Simple causes of cysts of the breast: secretion of the mammary glands cyst is simple, retention arising in catheter-tissue cysts, lesion of mammary epithelial cells with marked apocrine are ductal epithelial hyperplasia due to endocrine disorders, increased tube cells, resulting in extending catheter, tortuosity, before the collapse occurred because of ischemic necrosis of the wall, forming cysts. Patients often inadvertently found lumps. Masses of round, oval, egg-round, the surface is smooth, clear, activities, solitary or multiple. Rapid growth of solitary masses, Chief complaints of patients overnight discover breast lumps, cysts often associated with menstruation before instance, breasts swelling.
Breast cysts cause deposition: accumulated retention cyst of breast cyst, also known as breast milk, mainly due to a catheter occlusion during lactation, sedimentation caused by breast milk to form a cyst, frequently occurs after pregnancy lactation or lactation. Mass round or egg-round, smooth surface, balloon sexy, boundary clear, activity and not skin adhesion, secondary infections, local appears red, swelling, heat, pain, inflammation, lateral axillary lymph node enlargement, are in traditional Chinese medicine “Rupi” category, thought to be due to the stagnation of the liver of TCM, erosion caused by any disorder. Worry about injury of spleen, liver-Qi stagnation syndrome, stagnation of qi and blood stasis, tempered with delay, games-losing Division, endogenous phlegm, phlegm and blood stasis of blood knot becomes.
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