Women who get frequent headaches or migraines are more likely than others to have sexual problems, a new study from Italy says.
The results show that more than 90 percent of women seeking medical treatment for their headaches had significant impairments of their sexual function, and 29 percent reported being distressed over their sex life.
"Women referred for severe head pain report a high rate of sexual symptoms and sexual distress," including low desire andsexual pain, the researchers wrote in their study.

Therefore, doctors treating people with headaches should routinely ask their patients about sexual problems, the researchers concluded.
The study was published online Feb. 9 in the journal of Sexual Medicine.
Headaches & sex
Researchers at the University of Pavia looked at 100 women, whose average age was 40, who were being treated for headaches they'd suffered for years. Most had migraines; some had tension headaches or chronic headaches (meaning they had headaches more than 15 days per month).
Researchers interviewed the women, gave them neurological exams and collected detailed medical histories. The women also completed questionnaires about their sex lives.