Halle BerryHalle BerryA night of massive generosity brought out the heavy hitters in Hollywood.
If you saw a guest list of Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson and Keanu Reeves, you may wonder if you were at the Emmys or Oscars.
But instead these and many more celebs came out to help find a cure for cancer.
Stand Up To Cancer says that scientists have already found a cure for some types of the disease and they are certain that with more funding they can put an end to this horrible illness.
I went to this event as an ovarian cancer survivor, a volunteer and a representative for young adults in Hollywood who have been struck by this disease.
Diem BrownOur writer, Diem, suffered from ovarian cancerThe night was gorgeous, full of glamour, intrigue and hope. Although they said no cameras I tried to sneak two in my purse - one as a decoy and one wrapped in a McDonald's bag, but sadly my ploy didn't work as both were confiscated... rats.
Backstage, I was in breathing distance of the A-listers in Hollywood - no velvet rope, no bodyguards - ugh, how I wish I'd hid my camera better. Kirsten Dunst, Salma Hayek and Ellen DeGeneres were all sitting having a casual natter.
Jennifer Garner, sporting quite a growing tummy, was hanging around Casey Affleck - who, by the way, is super fine.
Halle Berry came on the stage during dress rehearsal without a spot of make-up and was just breathtaking.
Jennifer Aniston arrived a little later in khaki shorts, sandals and a scarf wrapped around her neck. She was goofy, funny and her mannerism reminded me so much of Rachel in Friends.
Both on and off camera Kate Bosworth never stopped smiling. America Ferrera looked like the perfect shape while Christina Ricci was much, much skinner than I had remembered.
After over £50m had been raised during the celeb telethon, it was off to the after-party. Only those who worked the phones or Inside the Stand Up To Cancer eventInside the Stand Up To Cancer eventvolunteered were allowed to enter - this was when I grabbed my cameras back from security.
I got a congratulations from fellow survivor Sheryl Crow and Jack Black commented on my now very big hair. At 7pm, the celebs started to let down their guard after the long yet inspiring day.There was dancing, drinking and socialising - it felt like a mad and fun high-school dance.
I felt very proud to be a part of this event; Stand Up To Cancer's work is inspiring and effective. Cancer is this generation's polio and with funding for research cancer can too be a disease of the past. 
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