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37-pound tumor removed from woman's stomach

Chen Huanxiang tumour
A 50-year-old Indian woman lost nearly a third of her body weight after having a 37-pound tumor removed from her stomach.

Mumbai resident Khairunissa Choudhari said the size of the tumor -- which weighed the same as an average-sized four-year-old boy -- had made it hard for her to move recently, leading her to finally have it removed, The Times of India reported Tuesday.

"I started getting this knot about a year ago. Everybody said the treatment will be expensive so I never thought of getting it removed," she said.

Ashok Anand, professor of gynecology at J. J. Hospital, said that the giant tumor was benign.

"When the patient came in, she weighed 132 pounds, now she weighs 90 pounds," said Anand.
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