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Will In -Vitro Fertilization Make Sex Purely Recreational?

As the in-vitro fertilization industry evolves, some researchers are predicting that natural sexual reproduction could become obsolete, according to an article published in the medical journal of Reproductive BioMedicine.
Australian veterinarian, John Yovich, told the Daily Mail that sex is “a fairly inefficient process,” that will soon become a purely recreational activity.
"Within the next five to 10 years, couples approaching 40 will assess the IVF industry first when they want to have a baby," said Yovich, a veterinary doctor from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia.
Yovich also said he believes that in the next decade, in-vitro fertilization will have “a near 100 percent success rate.”
Yovich’s research was based on in-vitro tests on cattle that were successful nearly every time.
Currently, approximately 15 to 20 percent of women ages 38 to 40 are able to conceive using IVF, according to the American Pregnancy Association. That percentage drops to about 6 to 10 percent after age 40.
Gedis Grudzinskas, a London-based infertility specialist, said he was unconvinced by the study.
"It wouldn't surprise me if IVF does become significantly more efficient than natural reproduction, but I doubt whether you could ever completely guarantee that it would work," he said.
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