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General Anxiety Disorder - GAD

General Anxiety Disorder - GAD
People with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) are quite aware that they have this condition. They have constant thoughts in their head, that they cannot control. Having a tendency toward over analyzing their thoughts puts them in constant turmoil. Making a simple decision, can become an overwhelming effort. The inability to control these thoughts happens every day and leads the sufferer to mental exhaustion. With no end in sight, these thoughts can affect the ability to fall and/or stay asleep, only to arise the next day mentally exhausted.. As they start a new day, they know the thoughts will take over, once again, and will often bring on anxiety and in some cases, panic attacks. Despite the fact that people with GAD are aware that these thoughts are usually trivial, they cannot stop themselves. They actually enable these thoughts without really knowing why and the frustration continues to lead the sufferer into an endless pit.
Stress and anxiety is a result of these endless thoughts. As a person is sitting still and may seem relaxed, a GAD sufferer really cannot sit still. While sitting they my be shaking a foot, biting their nails or continually readjusting themselves in their seat. This stress can lead them to feel sick to the stomach, woozy or depressed.
Doctors believe that this disorder is genetic and is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. If this is the case, then I believe that we are born with this chemical imbalance and that it manifests into different types of disorders when a person experiences certain stressors in their life. This disorder can manifest at any age, from childhood to adulthood.
Antidepressants are prescribed by physicians to help battle the symptoms of GAD. Sometimes this is confusing because people think that antidepressants are only for the treatment of depression. However, depression sufferers have the same chemical imbalance as GAD sufferers. As I said before, the chemical imbalance can show up as different types of disorders. Prescription drugs can be very helpful in managing this disorder however, for some of us managing is not enough. Meditation is another method that is used to help calm the brain activity and to teach the person how to release and not retain their thoughts. Cognitive Therapy is used, especially if there are certain issues that need to be resolved in order to let go of these thoughts.
I believe that meditation is essential to keeping your thoughts at bay. Establishing a nutritional diet will also help. Of course, people with General Anxiety Disorder should stay away from foods or beverages that contain stimulants, such as coffee and tea. Exercise should also be added to your daily routine because that will also help release your anxious thoughts.
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