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Overlooked Tips for Restoring Fertility Naturally

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Fertility is something that most women desire to have. Unless you’ve decided not to have children at all, the idea of being fertile is something that’s probably pretty important to you. However, when you find that you are not able to conceive a child naturally, there’s a lot of heartbreak and stress. There comes a point where you start looking for all different types of solutions. Some solutions, like IUI or IVF are going to be pretty expensive and there’s no guarantee that they will work. It’s a risky gamble that a lot of couples end up having to try because they feel like there’s not another option.
However, what if you’re not able to get pregnant because your body is trying to warn you about something? Far too often we ignore the signs that our body is trying to give us. When we cannot conceive naturally, there are times where the reason is because our bodies aren’t fully prepared to support the needs of a child.
In order to reverse this problem, it’s time to look at a few things that people often skip over. Both partners need to be in good health — so if you’ve been skipping those health screenings, now is the time to get real information about your health!
In addition to the health screenings you want to make sure that you’re eating a diet that’s well balanced. Your carbs should come more from vegetables than grains — excessive grain consumption has been shown to lower fertility rates in women. Getting fresh vegetables every day and plenty of protein is also part of it. Don’t forget good fats — coconut oil, olive oil, and even animal fats have been shown to raise fertility rates rather than lowering them. Ending the war on fat could get you a lot closer to holding a new life in your arms nine months to a year from now, so get your fat consumption up!
Good sleep is also critical — it might seem like it’s hard, but you’re going to have to make some hard lifestyle changes. If you’re used to being awake all of the time, you’re going to have to convince you’re that it’s time to start adopting a better sleep schedule. Falling asleep at the same time every night can help — make sure that your room is dark and that you give yourself time to fall asleep — leave the alarm clock out of this!
Keeping a food journal of everything that you eat can help you identify micronutrients that you might be missing. Even though we need such little amounts of these nutrients, we still have to have them in order to support healthy body functions.
Overall, there are a lot of things that we know about restoring fertility naturally, but the road towards holding a new life in your arms someday is still something that’s going to be a lot of trial and error. However, cleaning up the lifestyle part definitely helps — good luck!DuoFertility.jpgThere is good news for couples trying to have a baby. The DuoFertility fertility gadget comes with a money-back guarantee in case the couple doesn’t conceive with the 12 months of usage. The gadget consists of ovulation detectors, made of rubberized plastic that sticks underneath a woman’s arm near her bra strap. It can be stuck on with an adhesive patch that covers the entire sensor or a double-sided adhesive that sticks between the skin and sensor. The sensor contains a temperature probe and memory chip that records data every few seconds, up to 20,000 over 24 hours.
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