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Top Ten Tips for a Delicious, Healthy and Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Top Ten Thanksgiving Countdown
Thanksgiving table
10. Brine your turkey the night before (“Brined Turkey 101“).
9. Use Yukon Gold potatoes for your mashed potatoes vs. Russets. They will taste creamy before you add any butter or cream.
8. Use chicken broth instead of water to boil your potatoes in (for mashed potatoes). Do not discard the broth, add this liquid back in while mashing for flavor vs. milk and butter. A great way to add flavor and not extra fat!
7. Try cutting your Brussels sprouts in halfand roasting them vs. boiling them. Even former haters of this nutrient-dense vegetable will become a convert (Not Your Mama’s Brussels Sprouts).
6. Make cranberry sauce the day before using fresh cranberries, not canned. Use agave nectar or honey to sweeten vs. white sugar (Cranberry, Balsamic and Mint Relish).
5. Cook your turkey upside down (breast at bottom) and in a bag (available at almost all grocery stores). The juices will flow down into the breast to prevent it from drying out. Flip the turkey carefully for the last 20 minutes so it can brown on top.
4. Roast garnet yams (aka sweet potatoes that are orange ) in wedges with extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt and a bit of soy sauce. This will become a new favorite and is so much healthier than the high sugar candied version.
3. Gather friends and family and prepare as much the day before as possible. Peel garlic, clean herbs, peel potatoes, and make pies and cranberry sauce. This will make Thursday so much faster and smoother.
2. Set the table the night before. This will give you even more time to relax and enjoy the process on Thanksgiving Day.
1. Start (or continue) the tradition of going around the table and sharing: “I am most thankful for…“. It will set the tone for your whole meal.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Until next time, stay fresh and delicious!
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