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Breast Milk Secrets That The FDA Doesn’t Want You To Know

On the last seminar I attended in Glendale, CA about Genetically Modified Food (GMO), the devastating health effects of GMOs on the population, and Prop 37, I also found out about yet another “inconvenient truth” regarding…MILK!
The International Milk Genomics Consortium (IMGC), which is housed at the University of California, Davis has been working for years to reveal ground breaking scientific research and studies about the genes that are responsible for making milk.
The team studies the genes that are expressed in the mammary gland during pregnancy and lactation, and how these gene products work together to produce milk – a “ marvellous fluid”, like Danielle Lemay, PhD likes to call it.
The results of their excellent and interesting scientific information about milk (raw milk and mothers’ milk specifically), is published in a newsletter called Splash!, which seemed to be yet another “threat” in the eyes of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its agenda. Why? Simple. Because infant formula and pasteurized milk are promoted through heavy marketing as being the only forms of dairy (or white chalk) that humans can still enjoy these days. Because any attempt to fight this agenda has to ultimately be destroyed before too many people find out about it.
So that’s why it was carefully “suggested” for certain information provided by this newsletter to be immediately stopped…And at this date, a certain article on raw milk and its benefits can NOT be read in the October issue ofSplash! anymore. It has been “delicately” removed and now if you want to access it, the site will tell you that you have “Insufficient Privileges”. So how does censoring scientific papers sit well with ACADEMIC FREEDOM?…
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