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Running away

Have you ever felt like running away?  Not the way we felt when we were kids, but as an adult, just running away.Avoid Stress

I was so despondent this week to learn that the Afinitor was not working, and my tumor markers had tripled.  I had a liver scan yesterday, but I don't really want to know the results.

Cancer is so overwhelming.  I try to stay positive, but every now and then, I blow.  At times like this, going to a desert island to wait out the inevitable does not seem like an unreasonable idea.  I'll bet other women have done that.

I am worn out. My doctor is now giving me male hormones, which have been effective for some with estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer.  He had the nerve to tell me there is a possibility I will grow facial hair. Did I really need to know that?

I am flying to New York to appear on 'Fox and Friends' on Thursday, and 'Huckabee' on Saturday.  I have exciting news to share about a nontoxic chemotherapy drug to be released this year.   Also, Stella & Dot Company has created two beautiful bracelets, a gorgeous scarf and other accessories to benefit the Noreen Fraser Foundation (which will receive 100 percent of net proceeds during the month of October, so I hope we sell a ton!)

You can view these lovely items on the Noreen Fraser Foundation website,  noreenfraserfoundation.org. They make a beautiful holiday gift, take a peek!

I may be writing to you next week from an undiscovered island near Fiji!

Noreen Fraser is living with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. She is the co-founder of STAND UP TO CANCER (2008) and co-produced the television program which raised 100 million dollars for cancer research.  Noreen went on to create the Noreen Fraser Foundation to raise money and awareness for women's cancer research.   You can follow Noreen on Facebook and Twitter.  Noreen can be contacted via email at
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