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Fake ADHD drug Adderall sold online, FDA warns

Demi Moore Took Adderall BeforeSeizure And Hospital

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Posted on Jan 26, 2012 @ 03:00PM  
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By Alexis Tereszcuk - Radar Senior Reporter
Demi Moore will be seeking treatment for anorexia and her substance abuse addictions, and RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that Adderall is the prescription drugs that she uses.
“Demi has been taking Adderall and drinkingenergy drinks and starving herself and those are some of the serious causes that led her to collapse on Monday night,” a source close to the actress said.
As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Demi had an epileptic seizure before being rushed to the hospital and she is currently seeking treatment for anorexia.
PHOTOS: Demi Moore Scary Skinny
“The pills and starvation destroyed Demi and this has been a problem for about a year,” the source said about her tragic situation.
“She’s constantly jacked up on Adderall and combining that with not eating accounts for her loopy behavior and anorexic body frame.  She literally refuses to eat any food.”

Some websites are peddling fake versions of Adderall, a treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that is currently in short supply in the United States, federal regulators warned.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday said it has learned of at least two cases in which people received counterfeit versions of the 30-milligram dose of the drug with the wrong active ingredients -- ones that treat acute pain, not attention problems. The fake pill is ineffective and may be harmful, the FDA said.

The popular stimulant, made by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and others, has been in shortage since at least last year, which may make it a target for rogue websites and distributors, the FDA said.

"Consumers should be extra cautious when buying their medicines from online sources," the FDA said in a statement.

Teva informed the FDA about the counterfeit pills after learning of the problem from people who bought the drug online. The FDA said it is uncertain how many people in total may have received counterfeit medicine, or which websites were involved.

Teva, when asked for comment, said it found out about the counterfeit Adderall from a consumer who noticed misspellings on the packaging.

Adderall is made from a controlled substance, meaning it is addictive and has the potential to be abused. The Drug Enforcement Administration tightly regulates how much of the drug's active pharmaceutical ingredient can be distributed to manufacturers each year in order to prevent diversion of the drug for inappropriate uses -- such as by students who want to increase focus to improve test scores.

The DEA authorizes a certain amount of Adderall's active ingredients - mixed amphetamine salts - to be released to drugmakers each year. But companies are saying that amount may not be enough to meet soaring demand for the drug.
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