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 vegeterian pregnancy
Our latest book club selection was Your Vegetarian Pregnancy. It’s such a great resource for anyone who is pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant! Here’s what you had to say about the book:

From Kind Lifer Gretchen:
"I have heard that this is a great book.  Although I am done having babies, I would still love to read this as I am sure it is filled with valuable information. I wished I knew then what I know now...I would have had a vegan pregnancy.  At least I had a dairy-free pregnancy!  That was 11 years ago...I have learned A LOT since then :-)"

From Kind Lifer Monica:
"I read this book too recently on Kindle, i loved it! great information on what food groups to get specific vitamins and nutrients, I appreciated that info. Very beautifully written, very gentle and calming, I loved the poems at the beginning of chapters.  I'd recommend it to anyone pregnant or hoping to be pregnant. Thanks for the suggestion Alicia!"

From Kind Lifer Janine:
“I've been itching, badly, to have a baby.  I'm so glad that books like this exist.  Thank you for sharing, Alicia.”

FromKind Lifer Tiffany:
“This book was very informative during my recent pregnancy. Two of my friends who were meat eaters ended up getting low iron during their pregnancies, but I as a vegetarian, maintained a healthy level. This book is a must have for any vegetarian or vegan who is planning on becoming pregnant or is already pregnant.”

FromKind Lifer Lisa:
“I wish I would have had this when I was pregnant this last time, it probably would have helped me so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I'll be announcing our next book this week, so stay tuned! 

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