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Chantelle's Childbirth Fears

This should be the happiest time of Chantelle Houghton's life.

She's due to give birth to fiance Alex Reid's baby in just a few months' time.

But the 28-year-old fears she may not make it through labour to see her little girl grow up.

Chantelle HoughtonChantelle's suffered two health scares this weekThe reality star should be enjoying her first Mother's Day as a mummy-to-be, but instead she's recovering from a series of health scares that threaten to complicate the birth of her first child this spring.

Chan was rushed to hospital on Wednesday and, although she was released after 24 hours, suffered a second scare on Friday after collapsing on a shopping trip.

Speaking to The People, she admitted: "I worry that something will happen to me, that the baby will be born and I won't be here."

Tests have revealed that Chantelle has a much higher heart rate than the average healthy adult, and with a history of heart problems in her family she's understandably worried about what this could mean for the birth.

She said: "The doctors said that when you're in labour your heart goes up even more and so I'm terrified of the whole thing. I also worry that I will go into labour early and then who knows what will happen."

This will be the last thing Chan wanted to hear, after fearing that she might never be able to conceive naturally at all.

Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid 01.12 - 12Chantelle and Alex should be enjoying this special timeIt's been something of a fairy tale up to this point for the Big Brother star and her 36-year-old fiance.

She and Alex announced the pregnancy back in November, just five weeks after she accepted Alex's proposal on live TV.

Here's hoping mum and baby are A-OK and Chan gets her happy ending.
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