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Health News article features gluten-free tips



Today's Fox Health News article features gluten-free tips

Earlier today I tweeted about an article I read this morning from Fox Health News, giving tips for those who have gone gluten-free:
melissaayala12 Melissa Ayala
Just read this interesting article: Tips For Going #GlutenFree | http://fxn.ws/w258FS via @foxnewshealth, posting to my blog later today!
The article largely assumes it's readers know what a gluten-free diet means, which I suppose is safe to assume. However, with a health news site like this that tackles a wide range of issues, I would like to see more explanation of what Celiac Disease is and why some people have to go gluten-free, because their bodies cannot accept the gluten protein in foods like wheat, barley or rye.

But, it does explain how the gluten-free diet is trending, which I'm sure we all have noticed.
Because of the high incidence of celiac disease and gluten intolerance (it is estimated that one in every 100 people in the U.S. have
celiac disease and more go undiagnosed), tons of gluten-free products (including breads and pastas), restaurants and recipes are becoming more readily available.
But, for all of us out there, it's also good to note these tips.
However, it’s still very important to be an informed consumer. Many foods that you would never imagine to have gluten do – like bouillon cubes and soy sauce.
The article lists a lot of quick items gluten-free eaters should stay away from because of hidden dangers to your diet:
vegetables with sauces
processed cheeses
cheese blends
flavored yogurts
cheeses with vegetable gum
food starch
Look out for these: malt, barley, dextrin, candy, some cold cuts (Applegate Farms is gluten free), gravies, imitation fish, soy sauce, teriyaki, vegetables in sauce, hydrolyzed wheat protein, rice mixes, communion wafers, chips, bouillon cubes, soups, multivitamins, play dough, lip gloss and stamps.
But, you also get some good tips on foods you can eat or should check out:
buckwheat, cornmeal, grits, millet, quinoa and rice. Other starches that can be used are legumes, and starchy vegetables like peas, potatoes and corn. If you like to bake, some gluten-free flours include: almond, amaranth, artichoke, sorghum and teff flours.

What I found really interesting were these three items they suggest you look out for: play dough, lip gloss and stamps. Especially makeup, I find, is becoming something more commonly suggested to be weary of.

I think this article points out a lot of foods you should keep on a list, print out and keep in your back pocket to have handy when out at the grocery store.

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