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Coping With C Section Pain.

C section is a procedure where a woman who                        
has to deliver the baby through a surgery. In a C section birth, the lower abdomen of the woman is cut open and an incision is also made into the uterus so that the baby can be removed manually. The umbilical cord is cut from the top, so that the baby can be removed from the womb. Once this is done, the incision is stitched up again with the sutures.
Soon after the baby is born the mothers body is very weak. So, it takes time for the stitches to heal. The cesarean section birth is not painful when the baby is born, but the pain only starts much later.
When the surgery to remove the baby is being performed, the mother is induced with several narcotics and painkiller medications including general anesthesia. The feeling of pain is very low and there fore the mother who is delivering the baby does not feel much. However, when the anesthesia wears off and the painkillers stop taking effect, then the pain starts setting in. if the mother decides to breast fed the baby then the doctors stop painkiller medications for her. However, the side effects are that the mother has to endure a lot more physical pain for healing. However, if she decides not to breast feed, then the doctors will continue to give her pain killers. Nonetheless, always remember that breast feeding is the best thing for your baby.
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