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How to Break Bad News

Breaking bad news to someone is difficult. Having to tell him bad news that is totally unexpected makes the situation even more difficult. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the situation, you should try to make the person you are breaking the bad news to as

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      Think about what you will say before you start the conversation. You should think about the exact wording. Make sure that you speak in terms that the person will understand. Remember that if the person is upset, more complex terms will be too difficult to properly comprehend.
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      Keep in mind that the person you are talking to will likely focus on the first few words. When a person gets bad or upsetting news, he will usually place emphasis on the first few words. Try to get the main point across in the first few words.
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      Make her as comfortable as possible. Respect her privacy and dignity. Try to find a place that is isolated. Ensure that there are facial tissues handy. This is especially important if the bad news is likely to cause her to cry.
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      Tell the whole truth. Leaving out minor facts may seem easy. It is very important that you include every bit of information about the situation. It may seem like information overload but, you can always go over the information with him again.
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      Answer any questions. There may be some questions that she has that you are unable or unprepared to answer. If this happens, be honest. Let her know that you will do what you can to help her find the answers.
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      Listen sympathetically. It is possible that he will become upset. Sometimes, when a person is upset, he will talk incoherently. Just let him talk and keep a sympathetic expression on your face. Make sure that your attitude and demeanor are sympathetic.
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      Offer your support. Let her know that you will be there to help her if she needs anything. You should offer specific support when possible. This means that you can offer to pick the kids up from school and take them to get an after school snack so she can have time to regain her composure before she has to deal with the kids.

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